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About us

Tulip City Creative is a full service marketing, media, and design firm. 


We develop comprehensive strategies and generate distinctive designs that enable our client’s brands and services to stand out. Our work will create a direct channel speaking straight to your target audiences and set you on course to achieve your "SMART" goals.


We specialize in small and mid-sized businesses in the New York capital region who need help achieving their dreams of success. Our goal is to celebrate their dedication, hard work, and individuality. 


We are not only focused on consulting and creating, we also strive to guide and educate our clients so that they develop sustainable business practices and feel empowered to grow.


We are always ready to make an extra plate of food and pull up another chair to our table. We love meaningful conversations and passionate people. Come on in and join the party. 

The Team

DTrae Carter


A multi-friend winning marketing expert and visual creative, with a penchant for journeys.

DTrae spent the last 15 years designing, and directing work for some of New York State's most significant and essential programs such as Taste NY, Pride of New York, Farmers Market Nutrition Program, and NY State of Health. He has taken that experience to focus on elevating the visibility of
, and implementing effective visual-based marketing strategies for small to medium sized businesses.


Outside of work, you can find him rummaging through any of the Albany Public Library branches, while he eagerly awaits the next Pizza Friday.

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Jasmine McKnight


Jasmine is a visionary artist rooted in the vibrant energy of New York. Fueled by a love for storytelling and a daily ritual of sipping multiple cups of tea, Jasmine finds inspiration in the ordinary and the extraordinary.

Since her youth, Jasmine has immersed herself in the enchanting realms of fiction, yearning for fantastical adventures brimming with magic and monsters. Recognizing that the real world may lack the flash and excitement of these imaginative tales, Jasmine has made it her creative mission to bring them to life through her art. Join her in exploring a world where every stroke of the brush and every detail tells a captivating story, where the mundane transforms into the extraordinary, and where creativity knows no bounds. Welcome to a journey where the ordinary becomes extraordinary through the lens of Jasmine's artistic expression.

Stefanie Joseph


Meet Stefanie, a multilingual Visual Storyteller and Strategic Communicator driven by her love for languages, cultures, and immersive experiences. With a background in journalism, copywriting, and SEO, Stefanie brings a unique blend of storytelling prowess and strategic communication skills to her work.


Having lived abroad in Mexico, Stefanie developed a deep appreciation for diverse cultures and languages, fueling her passion for exploration and understanding. Currently learning Thai with plans to travel throughout Asia, she embraces new experiences as opportunities to connect with people and uncover captivating stories.


Stefanie's journey as a communicator is enriched by her diverse cultural experiences and linguistic abilities. Her proficiency in multiple languages allows her to bridge cultural gaps and craft narratives that resonate globally. From conducting insightful interviews with prominent figures to creating visually stunning content, Stefanie's work embodies her commitment to celebrating diversity and fostering meaningful connections across borders.


As a fervent advocate for cultural exchange and storytelling, Stefanie is dedicated to leveraging her skills to amplify voices, inspire change, and drive positive impact in the world. Through her work, she strives to break down barriers, spark conversations, and cultivate understanding in an increasingly interconnected world.

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Silas Yelich


Introducing Silas Yelich, our talented Digital Marketing and Videography Intern! Currently pursuing his graduate degree, Silas is a passionate student of digital marketing, always eager to explore the latest trends and strategies. When he's not immersed in the world of marketing, you'll find him honing his acting skills or cherishing moments with his family.


With a keen eye for storytelling and a love for being behind the camera, Silas brings a fresh perspective to our team. Get ready to be captivated by Silas's creative vision.

Olivia Hansen


Olivia is a designer and artist from Oneonta NY. Currently attend SUNY New Paltz, Olivia plans to graduate with a Graphic Design BFA in May 2025. Her work so far has encompassed both print and web design, including brochures, logos, magazine spreads, webpages and more.


Regardless of medium, much of her work has been focused on creating unique visuals backed by careful consideration of user needs. It's safe to say Olivia's found her passion in this field, and is excited to continue growing in the professional world!

When Olivia's not busy with her latest project, she enjoys doing crossword puzzles, crocheting sweaters, and perusing the thrift store for oddities.

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