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Logo Design

Every brand is unique.

When designing a logo or branding system for our clients, we approach every new project with a blank slate. We figure out what makes them special, what makes them different and where their passion comes from. Only once we understand the concept from an holistic standpoint, can we start thinking about what it looks like. 

tcc sketch.png
tcc structure.png
tcc logo.png

The Process

When approaching a new project, we start by sketching...a lot. We think about the information our clients give us and try to capture it on paper. Once we have some ideas that we think are working, we refine and rethink them until they are ready to be presented. 


We go into the first round of designs with an open mind. We think that the process of designing a brand should be collaborative and exciting for both the designers and the clients. After the first round we decide on a direction or idea that is working, and then refine it from there. 

After we have agreed upon a design, the possibilities are endless. We develop a system of brand guidelines for all of our clients to help them best implement their visual identity across all platforms. We love collaborating with artists to give our brands depth and creativity, and we make sure that all of our clients leave the process feeling empowered and excited. (7).gif

These are our own brand guidelines.
If you're curious about what yours might look like, take a peek! 

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